Your health is our first priority

Due to the latest notifications οn covid-19 , we take all the appropriate measures to protect our guests and staff.
At the moment, staff members follow training on the new operating procedures and we monitor carefully for any updates from the local authorities.
In accordance to the latest notifications, we take the following measures to protect our guests and staff :

  • A team of Senior Managers will serve as experts on property to ensure all health and safety measures are implemented .
  • Collaboration with a doctor specialized on COVID-19
  • Temperature checks will be a requirement for all managers, employees, vendors and contractors entering   the hotel.
  • We provide each member of the staff with adequate personal protection measures.
  • Special equipment (medical kit) is available in case of suspected incident.
  • In accordance with Physical Distancing regulations, stanchions are set in the lobbies around concierge and front desk areas.
  • Rooms have private entrances and there is distance between then
  • Finikas Hotel is isolated from other properties & restaurants
  • Restaurant and pool areas have been re-designed to reflect the appropriate distancing.
  • Sanitary services in all public areas and in particular in high risk items.
  • At the reception there will be antiseptic with a minimum of 60% alcohol are available for use by the guests.
  • Disinfection of the key cards.
  • Room cleaning with steam cleaner
  • We are equipped with UV lights to disinfect the rooms after the check- out of our guests.
  • Antiseptic amenities in each room.
  • Τhe towels for the room and for the pool will be individually packed ( per room )  
  • All necessary data of accommodated guests and staff members are stored (GDPR compliance) in accordance to the guidelines of the inspecting authorities
  • (name, nationality, check in date, check out day, telephone number, e-mail, address).


Information for the guests:

-New check out time is at   11.00 and check in 15.00

-All meals ( included breakfast ) will be served “a la cart”.

-Prior to your arrival the hotel may request your data information (name, passport number, phone number, country, nationality)

  to facilitate safer check in procedures.

-Additional info for your stay may be provided through e-mail contact

– Due to the implied regulations there will be no daily change of sheets and towels . Cleaning services will not be regular during the stay in the room, but only upon request.

– A safe distance (between 1m and 2m) has to be maintained between guests and / or hotel staff .

-Wash hands regularly with soap and water.

-Follow and respect the floor markings specifically designed to avoid coming into contact with other guests.

-Refrain from touching the reception desk and other communal parts of the hotel.

-One person only per lift in order to respect social distancing measures – if possible.

-Payment : we recommend use of credit cards for all transactions.

-If you feel unwell during your stay: please contact the front desk from your room for advice.

-Inform us by email on any special dietary required   (gluten free menu, allergies etc).


Ξενοδοχείο Φοίνικας Νάξος
Ξενοδοχείο Φοίνικας Νάξος
Ξενοδοχείο Φοίνικας Νάξος
Ξενοδοχείο Φοίνικας Νάξος