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Important island of the Cycladic complex, Naxos was inhabited from the 4th millennium BC and its residents were among the first that dealt with the processing of marble. Local craftsmen built the famous Lions of Delos. Then the tribal of Kares came to Naxos, and named the island by their king Naxian. Naxos became a significant naval power during the 7th and 6th century BC and it was destroyed during the Persian Wars. Under the Venetian rule (1200 AD) Naxos took its current structure with the buildings at the capital and many towers that distinguish Naxos from other islands.

Sights in Naxos Island

From the famous Portara at the harbor entrance to the Archaeological Museum of Chora (island’s capital) and the Museums of Apeiranthos you will see concentrated all aspects of the island’s history through unique exhibits.
Many churches around the island built in harmony with the environment give an exceptional beauty to the island. Visit Panagia Vlaherniotissa, the oldest church in Chora, Panagia Protothroni in Halki and Panagia Ipsilotera, a monastery-fortress near the village of Galini.
The towers are a particular piece of Naxos’s inland architecture and is an exceptional opportunity for visitors to see many beautiful towers on an island. The castle of Naxos and the Tower of Glezos in Chora, the Belonias Tower in Galanado and the Tower of Chimaros at the village Filoti worth your visit.

Naxos Island Beaches

Naxos has beaches for all tastes that can meet all your desires. On the beach in front of Finikas luxury hotel in Naxos, ideal for relaxation and endless hours of calm and relaxation you will find a range of organized beaches in Naxos. The most popular are located on the west coast such as Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios and St. George, with lots of beach bars. Plaka is proffered by nudists, while on the southwest side you can swim at Kastraki, Mikri Vigla and Ayiasos.

Naxos Villages

As you are in Naxos not miss visiting many of the villages of the island and see the wonderful settlements near the beaches and the inland. Cycladic beauty, tranquility and beautiful buildings you will witness at the cosmopolitan St. Anne and St. Procopius, for more quiet moments visit St. Arsenius, and one of the most impressive villages Apeirathos.

The main festivals in Naxos during the summer are:

May 20: Santa’s Thalaleous, Saint Thalalaio
June 30: the Apostles, Melanes
July 7: St Sunday in Potamia
July 8: Saint Prokopios, Agios Prokopios
July 14: St. Nicodemus, the Chora and Glinado
July 17: St Marina, Agidia & Koronos
July 25: Saint Anne, in St. Anna
July 27: St. Panteleimon’s in Agersani
August 6: the Saviour/Jesus, Glinado, Damarionas, Kourounohori
15 August: the Virgin Mary throughout Naxos and particularly in Filoti
August 23: Our Lady of the nine, in Tripods
August 29: St. John’s, in Apeiranthos, Apollo and Agersani
September 2: of St. Mamas in Komiaki

Naxos Island Hotels
Naxos Island Hotels
Naxos Island Hotels
Naxos Island Hotels
Naxos Island Hotels
Naxos Island Hotels
Naxos Island Hotels
Naxos Island Hotels
Naxos Island Hotels
Naxos Island Hotels

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